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A Licensed Professional Here To Work With You

James Hickey, LCSW-R  is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with 17 years experience helping clients overcome a range of problems, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. He was President and Clinical Director at Comprehensive Counseling, one of NYC’s largest psychotherapy practices for more than a decade. He worked to bring affordable, quality mental health care to thousands of New Yorkers. More recently, James served as the Chief Clinical Officer at the nation’s leading educational organization for mental health settings. James is a former Peace Corps volunteer, having served as a Youth and Families at Risk Specialist in South America. He is a bilingual clinician, offering treatment in English and Spanish. James is also a former collegiate athlete and enjoys working with individuals to improve their professional, academic, and athletic performance. He's enjoyed providing professional supervision to therapists for much of his career. He earned his post graduate degree from NYU and holds licensure in 

NY, NJ and MA.

My own journey, working through difficult challenges many of us face, has always been my inspiration to help others.


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